FactoryPOS 2.0.0 r3020 version

New version of our FactoryPOS Android & our FactoryKIOSK software

Version: 2.0.0 r3020
Launch date: August 12th, 2020

New Specifications:

  • Connectivity with our service FactoryCLOUD/Backup, to perform and restore online backup copies, to load remotely Excel files with data import, creating a CLOUD based private images gallery and accessing to our CLOUD based extensive images gallery.
  • Connectivity with our service FactoryCLOUD/Statistics, to enable the sending to CLOUD of sales statistics every 20 minutes and at the end of the day. This allows the shop owner to check on any place at anytime the sales statistics of individual or multiple stores, by separate or consolidating the data, from the current day or from any past date period.
  • Connectivity with the service FactoryCLOUD/Fiscal, to enable the sending to CLOUD of all sales documents (receipts, invoices, credit notes…) in order to store them, to download them later, to send them by email and in countries where due to fiscal requirements is needed to send them to the fiscal authorities servers.
  • On FactoryKIOSK versions, now it is allowed the use as Digital Menu and when installed on every table, the direct ordering from each table.
  • We have created the new FactoryMINIKIOSK version, for devices with screen equal or smaller than 10”.
  • Now it is possible to assign the allergens to each item.
  • Now it is possible to assign the kitchen preparation time to each item.
  • There’s a new section on item’s setup to enter extended information and an image that will be displayed on demand at kitchen display.
  • On sales screen it is possible to access at an extended Item information window, including the allergens information.
  • On Receipts and Invoices search screen, we have added a columna indicating the Tip amount for each document.
  • New visualization options on Tables Floorplan screen:
    • New graphic format on tables.
    • New icon on each table graphic, showing when a proforma invoice has been printed.
    • New color circle indicator showing if the table is close to the start or the end of service.
    • Possibility to show additional information on the table graphic:
      • Amount.
      • Number of Dinners.
      • Service time.
      • User.
  • New available languages:
    • Korean.


  • Added new texts and their translations.
  • Improved the system that detects the selected language.
  • Improvements on software stability.
  • Compatibility with Android 10.
  • Improvements on the online help.
  • The Electronic Invoices system for Costa Rica is already active, through our service FactoryCLOUD/Fiscal.
  • Specific improvements for Chile.
    • The payment methods of Card type, by default don’t print the sales document.
    • Deleted the payment methods CashBack and Pending.
    • Improved the Receipts and Invoices printing layout. Now the taxes section is printed with a clearer format.
  • Now the onscreen buttons are displayed on a circle format.
  • New and faster X reports generation for CLOUD sending.
  • The dialog Windows with ERRORS or WARNING messages, they only show the option to ACCEPT the message.
  • Improved the Customers creation process when the system is connected to a server terminal.
  • Improved the general looking on devices with a second embedded screen.
  • Improved the system to handle the sales documents counters when the system is connected to a server terminal. Now the server assigns the number that the terminal has to use.
  • Improved the automated application restart process.
  • Added compatibility with terminals of multiple manufacturers.
  • Improved the detection on Android SmartPOS XAC-150. Now the application detects the device and automatically setup the printer and the payment device.
  • Now, when creating a new User in the application it will have a regular user profile, instead than all the permissions allowed. This can be changed when login with an ADMIN type user.


  • When entering on Users selection screen, now it is mandatory to select a User, it is not possible to cancel and exit from that screen.
  • It is not possible to reprint a receipt/invoice that has been cancelled previously.
  • Solved a problem related with the receipt’s barcode printing when the Shop Identifier field has lowercase alphabetic characters.
  • Related to the receipt’s barcode printing, we have limited the Shop Identifier field to accept only numbers and letters. (both lowercase and uppercase).
  • Added some pending sections at the online help system:
    • Daily Cash Procedure.
    • Table Floorplan screen.
  • Solved a problem caused by the onscreen keyboard at the Company Data screen and at the Tips setup screen, that didn’t permit to access all the fields on some terminals.
  • Solved a problem with Cash-in and Cash-out movements on Z Reporting.