Privacy Policy

This document has been updated on April 18th 2020.

FactoryPOS Corp. is committed to protect your privacy. You can surf at almost all our website, without being requested to disclose your data. But on certain cases we will need some information about you, in order to provide you with the proper information: on this privacy declaration is explained which data is collected under these circumstances. Please read carefully the privacy policy.

FactoryPOS Corp. will warn you when some personal information is needed in order to verify your identity. Generally, this information will be only asked when you will request to get some information by e-mail.

FactoryPOS Corp. will use your personal information for next purposes:

(a) To help you when you are looking for information at
(b) To warn you about product updates, special offers, update information and new FactoryPOS Corp. services.

Besides that, FactoryPOS Corp. will only use your Register Data (the information that you provide on our website forms) for internal purposes, with the target to upgrade the services which FactoryPOS Corp. provides to you.
FactoryPOS Corp. will reveal your personal data just in these cases:

(a) By following law decree or a judicial order.
(b) In protection or self-defense of FactoryPOS Corp. rights.
(c) Under extreme security measures of FactoryPOS Corp. users, its web sites or the public.

When you will register or send information to us in other ways,, will not share that information with a third party without your permission, except on the limited above mentioned cases. In consequence the information will only be used on the purposes stated before. will be able to send you e-mails periodically which will inform you about news and updates related to its product range or in answer to any information requested by you. You will be able to unsubscribe from this list, by informing about that FactoryPOS Corp. sending an e-mail to

FactoryPOS Corp. will allow you the needed resources to check that your information is correct and updated. You can review and update this information whenever you like, just asking us at sending an e-mail to By doing this you will be able to:

(a) Check & review the information you have entered at
(b) Inform us if you want that sends you commercial information about its products.
(c) Cancel the sending of information sheets or catalogues about our services & products.

Your personal information will never be shared outside of our company without your permission, except on the above mentioned cases. Inside of the company, your information will be saved on server with restricted access. However, FactoryPOS Corp. will not assume any obligation in case of unauthorized use of this information by a third party or any loss caused by this unauthorized use. To get more information about responsibilities, please check the Legal Stipulations area of the web site.

If you don’t want to have your registered information by FactoryPOS Corp. as it is described on this Privacy Declaration, you must inform via e-mail to at the address about the exact information that you don’t want to receive and then we will cancel this sending.

FactoryPOS Corp. will update this Privacy Declaration periodically. When this will happen, the last date of revision will be updated at the header of this Privacy Declaration.

If you want more information, please contact FactoryPOS Corp.